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Connecting with your employees has obvious positive implications for the company’s overall success. But for that to work, it has to be effective. Meaning, the connection has to be meaningful for the employee. 

One of the best ways to begin strengthening connections with your employees is by giving them a voice (the RIGHT way). 


How and Why it works?

So many companies get caught up on the ‘problem’ of how quick millennials are to leave a job instead of focusing on solutions for how they can actually increase employee loyalty and retention. 

The most effective way to do that is through increasing a sense of connection and belonging. The reason is actually quite simple. When you give employees a voice, what you are really doing is sending a signal that:

  • They are a valued member of this team
  • What they have to say and how they feel is important to the company 

And from that, the message being received by the employee is that they belong in this group.  

The importance of which should not be overlooked. In fact, according to Maslows hierarchy of needs, a theory of motivation, shows that Belonging is the third most important human need behind physiological needs (first) and psychological safety (second).


The business impact of belonging?

A study showed that companies with a high sense of belonging saw up to: 

56% increase in job performance 

50% less turnover risk

And 75% reduction in sick days

That’s because:

From an employees perspective: 

Despite what many people think about the millennial generation, most actually want a company with thom they can develop meaningful long-lasting connections with, both with the company (purpose, values) and the people who work there (human connections). 

From a leadership perspective:

As a leader the number one best thing you can do is improve your understanding of how you can best support your employees. As much as giving each employee a voice increases their sense of belonging, it also keeps you informed on how everyone feels and what they are thinking. In turn, improving your ability to support and empower your team for success. 


How to go about it? Strategy for belonging and connection

In strategizing how to make employees feel belonged it is important to start with the awareness about what that means. 

  • Employees want to feel connected to the purpose and values of the company.
  • Employees want to feel belonged. Meaning they want to feel socially connected, of value and impactful members of the team. 

Once you have established this as the foundation, you can set forth strategic initiatives that once operationalized, will build on both key points. 

As mentioned, one way to accomplish this is by giving each employee a voice. 

Giving employees a voice is a lot more than having an open door policy and letting them know that they can come to you with anything. As a company leader, two key actions that you can take which will yield stronger connections with your employees and keep you more uptodate about how people feel are:

Get inquisitive: Give employees an opportunity to express themselves and connect with you on a human level by holding regular 1-1 meetings. Follow up on all topics from personal and professional development ambitions, how they feel in their day to day role and to their thoughts and feelings about the company. 

Invite participation: Inviting participation from each employee in group meetings and decisions fosters a sense of belonging and connection by letting all team members know that they are a valued part of the organization. 

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