Company Culture and Leadership Transformation Services


My consulting services are focused on bridging the leadership-employee disconnect, helping companies build high performing teams that their employees love to be a part of.

Solutions offered are split into two sections:

1) Company Culture and Employee Experience

2) Leadership Transformation 

Have a look below for more details on each section to see if we are a good fit. If you like what you see and want to know more then schedule a call with me directly in my calendar and we'll take it from there

Company Culture

 Having A Culture vs the RIGHT Culture

According to a Deloitte study, 94% of executives believe having a distinct culture is key to a company's success. However, only 12% believe they are driving the RIGHT Culture.  

Indicating a key disconnect between conceptualizing a culture and actually bringing it to life.

In working closely with company leadership and employees, together we build sustainable and scalable cultures that are representative of the values important to all internal stakeholders.

The results are a culture that:

  • Attracts and retains the RIGHT talent for them
  • Supports leadership efforts that drive performance
  • Engages and motivates employees around a collective vision and set of values
  • Creates a team environment that people LOVE to be a part of

Leadership Transformation

According to Gallup, 70% of variance in employee engagement is attributed to the manager. However, unfortunately we are often only trained in the managerial skills of the technical aspects required to plan processes, manage projects, and implement a business strategy. Rather than the leadership skills needed to unlock employees potential. 

Strong leadership is the foundation to successfully unlocking a company's potential and building a high performing culture. In today's workforce that means leading through the lens of new paradigm leadership. Driven by the Millennial & Gen z workforce, it is founded on providing employees with a sense of purpose, development, and connection. 

Throughout the consulting process, I assess and provide company leadership with the skills needed to fully connect with and leverage their employees performance.

  • Prioritize the leadership actions that have the highest impact on employee: performance, growth and development, and ownership and accountability of objectives 
  • Align individual efforts around a collective objective 
  • Strengthen connections between leadership and employees
  • Improve effectiveness of communication and feedback
  • Learn the exact actions you need to take to build a high-performance culture 
  • Deliver an exceptional employee experience, remote or in-person

Want to know more? Schedule a call with me directly in my calendar  to see if we are a good fit and we'll take it from there

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