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Surface level symptoms are often the result of a deeper underlying phenomenon, resulting in a significant disconnect between leadership and employees. These disconnects not only disrupt a company’s ability to operate at optimal levels, but can cost businesses significant time and money. 

Whether you’re a start-up building out your culture for the first time or an established organization needing to address specific issues, having a strong people foundation is going to have a profound impact on the company’s ability to cohesively and efficiently achieve collective objectives. 


By addressing the needs, wants, and disconnects surrounding company culture, organizational health and goal setting, we unite, align and optimize your team around a collective objective. 


We offer bespoke solutions to our clients most pressing people, culture, alignment and goal setting problems through our 4 phase process

Phase 1: Discovery

In the discovery phase we assess the existing company culture, uncover the needs and wants of company leadership, disconnects between team members and overall company alignment  


  • Assess the current state of company culture​

  • Alignment 

  • Problems, needs, and wants​

Phase 2: Defining

Alongside our clients, we clearly define the company direction and culture by identifying:

  • An inspiring and compelling company vision and mission

  • Core values derived from Vision and Purpose

  • Structural values: Operational and behavioural guidelines that will serve as the code of conduct 

  • Goals and Objectives

Phase 3: Strategy & Initiatives

We bridge the disconnect between the current & desired state of company culture by resolving the team’s most pressing problems, integrating core & structural values into everyday company life and aligning the team around a collective vision and set of objectives.

Phase 4: Implementation

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