Established Companies

Design, Align, Inspire Thrive


  • Build high-functioning teams aligned around a collective vision and set of objectives


  • Established companies of 1 year or older. 


  • We offer bespoke solutions to our clients most pressing people, culture, alignment and goal setting problems. 

Phase 1: Discovery

In the discovery phase we assess the existing company culture, uncover the needs and wants of company leadership, disconnects between team members and overall company alignment  


  • Assess the current state of company culture​

  • Alignment 

  • Problems, needs, and wants​

Phase 2: Defining

Alongside our clients, we clearly define the company direction and culture by identifying:

  • An inspiring and compelling company vision and mission

  • Core values derived from Vision and Purpose

  • Structural values: Operational and behavioural guidelines that will serve as the code of conduct 

  • Goals and Objectives

Phase 3: Strategy & Initiatives

We bridge the disconnect between the current & desired state of company culture by resolving the team’s most pressing problems, integrating core & structural values into everyday company life and aligning the team around a collective vision and set of objectives.

Phase 4: Implementation

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