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Connecting Dots

What is Bridging the Gap?

Connecting Dots

About the workshop

In this workshop Andrew addresses the most critical factor in your employees performance, engagement and retention. The connection between leaders and employees. Through this workshop your leadership team will engage in a series of proven techniques to how to communicate with, support and empower employees to give their best performance. Together, Andrew and your team will work to advance the leadership capabilities of your organization and create a high-performing environment that people love to be a part of.  


Beyond the knowledge and teachings, the objective of this workshop is to translate the material learned into tangible results for your business. That's why all workshops include a step-by-step implementation guide along with the required resources to ensure sustainable and long-term growth.

"Working with Andrew has been a great experience. His understanding of todays generation of workers has helped us shape a culture that we are proud of and has our team engaged. His trainings are digestible and have helped shift our approach to leadership, and strengthened relationships with our team. 100% recommend his services"

Nicholas Salguero

CEO Arbor Fintech

Outcomes and Objectives

1. Together, we work on the fundamentals of the connection between leadership and employees. Learning how to build trust, create a sense of belonging and development with employees. 

2. With a strong foundation, we now focus on increasing employee performance through a number of communication and feedback techniques. The result is a motivated and engaged team of employees who have a sense of ownership and accountability over their work. 

3. Learn how to turn employee feedback and information into valuable insight. Improve your ability to support and empower your team by knowing what questions to ask, at what times and how to decode the answers you receive. You will be making better and more informed decisions. 


This workshop is intended for all levels of leadership in small, medium and large businesses. 

Primary reasons for participating are: 

  • Businesses proactively addressing their employee experience needs and desire to improve employee engagement, performance and retention

  • Businesses who are already suffering from the effects of a disconnect with employees and would like to resolve the underlying issues causing the disruptive consequences. 

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