Let's leverage your company's greatest asset, its people!


  • Create a culture for success

  • Empower and support your team  

  • Fuel your company culture with purpose

  • Bring out the best performance in your employees

  • Make each employee feel belonged in your company


4FloorsUP creates Purpose & Performance Driven Cultures for small and medium sized businesses, startups and solopreneurs-expanding

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FREE Energetics Leadership Checklist for Human-Human Connection and Performance

4X Increase in Revenue Growth

For companies with strong cultures


3.5X more Productive

For companies with a strong sense of belonging


$350 Billion 

Employee disengagement cost to U.S. economy each year




Company Culture

Place your company’s purpose at the focal point of culture to leverage employee and business performance


Energetic Leadership

Learn how to best serve and support your employees by bridging the gap between leadership-employees


People Philosophy

Operationalize and reinforce the RIGHT strategies that will sustain and strengthen your company’s performance culture

How Can This Work For Me


Nicholas Salguero
Founder & CEO
Arbor Fintech 

"Working with Andrew has been a great experience. His understanding of todays generation of workers has helped us shape a culture that we are proud of and has our team engaged. His trainings are digestible and have helped shift our approach to leadership, and strengthened relationships with our team. 100% recommend his services"

Sami Fares
CruzCtrl Media

"Shoutout to Andrew Silver from 4FloorsUP, as a business owner there are two things that are crucial to your success: your culture and your team. From early on in the process Andrew taught us how to get the most out of our remote employees. Accommodating for a better work-life balance, we ultimately saw a raise in productivity that elevated us as a company and got the most out of our entire team"

Jeremy Hoffman
The Connected Community

"I had the pleasure of working with Andrew on one of my current projects called the Connected Community. Andrew's course and experience were a pivotal part of our business. He was able to help us narrow in on our core values, the belief structure that supports the entire vision of the movement, and help us align those values into all other aspects of our business. One of the main takeaways from working with Andrew was to align our values with the culture we created inside of our business. We wouldn't be where we are without the importance and deeper alignment that came through working with Andrew"

Eduardo M.
Real-Estate Agency

"As an agency owner, working with Andrew has been transformative in the way that I approach leadership and culture. He has a vast understanding of how to integrate the leadership skills that improve connections and engage employees in the workplace. I would absolutely recommend his services"

Zack Pencer
From the Stadium

"I had a great experience working with Andrew to develop my company's culture. Our company is expanding quickly and having a culture that represents who we are and the ability to connect with my team is so important to our success"

About Andrew

I believe that the narrative of the modern workforce is one of Purpose, Development and Connection. 

Out of a passion for helping others be at their best, I have devoted my career to helping companies realize their employees potential through the advancement of purpose-driven cultures, leadership transformation, and connection-oriented employee experiences.

Andrew Silver