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Andrew Silver

Founder of 4FloorsUP

Andrew began his career in the real-estate sector. Seeking guidance from a successful real estate developer and property manager. A man who started with nothing and achieved financial heights reaching into the billions. It was in that conversation that he told me the three keys to his success: 

1) "Everyone who leaves my building has a smile on their face"

2) "I give my all to my team and in return they give me and the company their all."

3) "Don't be afraid to go for an opportunity when you see it"

That conversation reshaped how I saw real estate. Whereas before I saw it as a hard asset, I know saw it as a living breathing connection between people, with a direct correlation between people and success. It made sense. Everyone leaves his building with a smile on their face not because they like the interior decoration, but because his team put everything that had into making sure customers were satisfied. The reason they did that is because they felt appreciated and cared for by the team leader. From that point on my career mission was to help others achieve their visions by helping facilitate the connections, purpose and development that drives employees to achieve success for themselves and their company's customers.