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Connecting Dots

About Andrew

My Why

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Andrew Silver

Founder of 4FloorsUP

Andrew started Employee Experience consulting with the objective of helping company’s leverage their greatest asset- its people. 


After receiving advice early in his real-estate development career, Andrew shifted gears and concentrated his efforts on experience management. A successful real-estate developer gave Andrew his three keys of success. They were as follows:


  1. “Everyone who leaves my building has a smile on their face” - Customer Experience

  2. “I give my all to my team and in return they give me their all” - Employee Experience

  3. “Don’t be afraid to go for an opportunity when you see it” - Courage and Culture


Not only is people management one of the most critical factors for a company’s success, it is needed to provide a top-class customer experience. Following this advice, Andrew focused his efforts on people-centric cultures that created a direct connection between employee experience and customer experience, so that regardless of internal or external stakeholder, they would have a smile on their face. 


Today, Andrew helps small, medium and large businesses cultivate company cultures and employee experiences that maximize company success and create environments people love to be a part of.

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