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Connecting Dots

Employee Experience: Shaping Success

Connecting Dots

Shaping Success

Employee Experience (EX) is a tool to support the well-being, satisfaction and performance of your employees and leaders as much as it is the bottom-line of your business. A strategy that creates a high-performance culture that people love to be a part of and advances your business towards success is Andrew's primary objective and outcome for your organization. Working directly with company leaders, employees, strategic business objectives and team challenges, Andrew designs, strategizes and executes an Employee Experience that leads to tangible and sustainable results for your business.

Outcomes and Objectives

1. Deliver an Employee Experience that supports an exceptional company culture, employee retention, performance, engagement, motivation and satisfaction.

2. Deliver an Employee Experience that supports communication, collaboration and a cohesive environment. 

3. Design an Employee Experience that supports the company's business objectives and strategic direction.

4. Make better more informed decisions with superior insight into how employees feel and what they are thinking. 

5. Reduce leaderships stress, increase trust they have in their teams and gain back time previously spent on disruptive employee related issues. 

Who is it for?

Primary clients are:

  • Start up, small or medium sized business with no HR or People Operations professionals who would like to leverage Employee Experience as a tool for business success

  • Start up, small or medium sized business with small HR or People Operations teams who are looking for outside consulting on delivering an exceptional Employee Experience 

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